ISPO Mission Statement

Scientific Objectives

ISPO is the forum of an international membership committed to the study of interactive etiologic factors in cancer development and their impact on prevention, detection, and management of neoplastic diseases.

ISPO fosters:

  • primary prevention of cancer through identification and control of cancer causes, and identification of high risk individuals
  • secondary prevention through detection and management of occult cancer and precursor lesions

ISPO promotes continuing education in areas of:

  • molecular biology of carcinogenesis, immunovirology, genetics and environmental influences;
  • role of lifestyle including sexual practices, nutrition and tobacco as cancer causing factors and their socio-economic impact;
  • improved methods for immunoprevention and chemoprevention, detection, management and surveillance of various types of cancer;
  • risk assessment, predictive markers, novel therapies

ISPO Activities

ISPO disseminates information worldwide on the latest advances in basic and clinical oncology through the Society's continuing education programs that include:


  • the bimonthly multidisciplinary journal Cancer Detection and Prevention, publishing original research and reviews of current information providing a bridge between the basic sciences and clinical oncology
  • monographs on recent progress in specific areas of preventive oncology.

International Meetings and Workshops

In which investigators...

  1. exchange information on the newest approaches for identification of the multiple interacting factors in the etiology, prevention, detection, and management of neoplastic diseases; and
  2. critically appraise existing knowledge for implementation of effective cancer control.


  • presented for outstanding contributions to the understanding of cancer that may provide practical applications for improved cancer control.