Published in Cancer Detection and Prevention 1997; 21(4):312-318.

The Enhancing Effect of Sodium Nitrite on Virus-Induced Leukemia in Mice

Andrei P Ilnitsky MD, Anna S Kolpakova

Laboratory of Prevention of Carcinogenic Actions, Cancer Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences RAMS, Moscow, Russia

Address all correspondence and reprint requests to: Andrei P. Ilnitsky M.D., Cancer Research Canter, RAMS, Kashirskoye shosse, 24, 115478 Moscow, Russia

ABSTRACT: A study of the effect of sodium nitrite (SN) on leukemia development in mice induced by Rauscher Leukemia virus (RLV) (Balb/c mice), Mazurenko leukemia virus (MaLV) (CC57Br mice), and Gross leukemia virus (GLV) (AKR/J mice) was performed. SN was administered in water (at concentrations of 5.0, 50.0, 500.0, and 2000.0 mg/l, by NaNO2). A moderate, yet statistically significant acceleration of leukemia development was observed in some groups of SN-treated mice. Our findings and the literature provide evidence that SN has the capacity to enhance the carcinogenic effect of leukemia viruses in vivo.

KEY WORDS: enhancing effect, leukemogenesis, sodium nitrite.